Do I still need an Attorney if I use Everplans?

Everplans is not a licensed legal service; we’re an online service company dedicated to providing a simple, secure way to make sure you’ve taken care of everything you’d want your loved ones to have access to should something happen to you.

To accomplish this, we do three things:

First, we take you through a short assessment where we ask a few simple questions that allow us to make personalized recommendations on good next steps – what we call “To-Dos” based on your planning history and family situation.

Second, we provide resources to help get those To-Dos done. For To-Dos that require professional legal services (like Wills, Power of Attorney and Trusts), we make recommendations for online legal companies. For To-Dos that you can tackle on your own (like Living Will and Health Proxy), we offer downloadable forms that you can print out and get signed and witnessed (and notarized in the states that require it).

Third, we offer a single, secure place to upload all of the information about your planning so the important people you designate as Deputies can easily access everything in one place. You can also upload scans of your important documents (like Wills and Living Wills). Since most of these documents need to have original signatures (and, in some cases, be notarized) the scanned version is not considered a legally valid document – they are more of a reference for your family so they can quickly and easily know what you wanted. We also provide a place to tell your family where the original signed copies are, if they ever need them.

In sum: Think of Everplans as a trustworthy guide and reliable coordinator for end-of-life planning - just know that we are in no way able to provide legal advice in place of a professional.

Be sure to check out the Learn tab for each item on your To-Dos checklist for additional state-specific resources.

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