How does sharing work on Everplans? What is a deputy?

You can share all or parts of your Everplan with whom we call "deputies."

When you add a deputy, Everplans will email them an invite. Once they create an account, they can see the parts of your Everplan that you have given access to.

Anyone over the age of 13 with an email address can be your deputy. Many people use Everplans to share everything from IDs, financial info, home, and car info with their spouse or partner and other family members.

Everplans is also designed for you to store and share critical financial and legal information with the following types of individuals:

  • Executor of your Will
  • Guardians of your children
  • Power of Attorney
  • Financial advisor
  • Healthcare proxy
  • Estate Attorney

You can also use Everplans to store and share specific sets of information you need to share over and over again.

  • Emergency contacts with your neighbor or teacher
  • House info with a house-sitter
  • Kids and pets info with a babysitter or petsitter

You have full control over which parts of your Everplan you want to share. You can also lock parts of your Everplan until you're gone. Learn how to share information only after death.

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