What is a Deputy?

A Deputy is an important person in your life whom you trust enough to provide access to some or all of your Everplan.

When you designate a Deputy for your account, Everplans will reach out to them via email to invite them to login and set a password for their account. From that point forward, they will be able to see the parts of your Everplan that you have explicitly invited them to have access to.

The following are good choices to be Deputy for your Everplan:

  • spouse
  • the person who is the executor of your will
  • your power of attorney

You may also want to consider providing limited access to certain parts of your Everplan to these types of vendors:

  • your doctor
  • your child's babysitter
  • your financial advisor
  • your estate attorney

You will have full control over which items in your Everplan can be seen by each Deputy.

You can also lock parts of your Everplan from your Deputy until after you’re gone. Learn how to hide information in your Everplan until after you’ve passed away.

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