How do I add a Deputy?

If you haven’t added any Deputies:
  1. Go to the My Deputies page under Secure Sharing.
  2. Click or tap Add Your First Deputy. A new window should pop up.
  3. Enter your Deputy’s First Name, Last Name, Email address and select a Relationship from the dropdown. If you don’t see an applicable relationship, select Other.
  4. Click or tap Choose Permissions to continue. You’ll see a list of sections.
  5. By default, all sections are set to be shared Now. You’ll have to option to change the permission to After Death for sections you want to make available only after your death. Select Never for sections you don’t want to share with the Deputy.  When you are done with section permissions, click or tap Continue.
  6. If you have given locked any sections until After Death, you’ll be ask if the new Deputy should be allowed to unlock your After Death sections. (If you don’t have any After Death sections, this step is skipped.)
  7. In the final step, you can preview the invitation email and optionally add a personal message.
  8. Click or tap Send Invitation. You should see a confirmation screen letting you know that invitation is on its way.  
  9. On the My Deputies page, you’ll see the new Deputy listed, along with a status of “Pending.”
  10. When your Deputy accepts your invitation, we’ll change their status to “Active” and notify you via email.

If you already have Deputies:

  1. Go to My Deputies page from the Secure Sharing section in the left nav.
  2. Click or tap on Add from the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Follow the steps above.

Learn how to manage Deputies.

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