I've created an account, but I'm not sure how to get started.

The first thing would be to take our onboarding assessment for personalization and then follow the suggestions at the top of your dashboard, which will lead you to the sections you should fill out.

We recommend adding any information that is already available to you on-hand as your first action (e.g. Vital Info, Online Accounts, and any items you've already completed outside of Everplans).

Our belief is that getting some information into your Everplan should help to create momentum for people about their planning.

Everplans guides and motivates you to complete bite-size tasks that take no more than five minutes, so becoming better organized is super doable and rewarding.

Once you've begun to flesh things out, we recommend adding at least one Deputy as your second action. Your Everplan becomes infinitely more valuable if there's someone on the other end who can access all of this great planning.
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