How does billing work?

​Billing for Everplans is done through Stripe, a credit card processing company used by many large online businesses. We've thoroughly examined their security and operations and feel confident that they will provide the necessary quality of experience.

This means that Everplans will not have access to your actual billing info like credit card numbers - these are all stored and managed through Stripe's highly secure system.

Stripe lets Everplans know when users create accounts (and when their subscriptions expire), and Everplans updates your subscription accordingly.

Currently, all Everplans accounts are billed and automatically renewed on a yearly basis.

For users that sign up for Everplans via our mobile app, Everplans uses Apple as a payment processor. This means that all billing questions, cancellations, and refund requests must be directed to Apple Support.

If you’ve signed up through one of our partners, please refer back to the partner sign up page for pricing information.

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