What is a Just-In-Case Letter?

The Just-In-Case letter by Everplans is a fast and easy way to make sure you have shared some basic information with loved ones in case something happens to you. It only takes ten minutes to create and here's how:

1. Answer a few simple questions

First, we'll ask you a few simple questions about your current situation. Topics covered include information about your life insurance policy, advance directive, power of attorney, where you bank, how you keep track of passwords, safe deposit boxes, and more.

The questions we'll ask you are simple and don't require looking up policy numbers or account documents. You should be able to complete all ten sections in less than ten minutes.

2. Check out your letter

We'll compile your answers into an easy-to-read PDF "letter." This one simple letter will contain everything your family might need in case something were to happen to you.

3. Send your letter to someone you trust

Choose your recipients, and we'll send a unique link to each one. Your recipients will click the link in the email and go to our website to securely download a copy of your letter. 

It's that easy! And remember, your answers will be saved to your Everplan so that you can continue adding info bit by bit over time.
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