What if there's certain information I only want my deputies to see after I'm gone?

When you add a new deputy (or change an existing deputy’s permissions), you can choose which items of your plan you want to share now, and which items to lock until after you’re gone.

Any items that you’ve chosen to lock until later will remain unavailable to your deputies until the time comes.

For your "after death" items to be unlocked, you must give at least one of your deputies permission to report your death to Everplans. Read how to manage unlock permission.

After reporting your death, the deputy must wait while Everplans attempts to contact you via email with the opportunity to block the unlocking. You can choose a wait time for your deputy between 3 hours and 30 days.

If we do not hear back from you and the wait time expires, you are marked as deceased in our system, and your “after death” items will be unlocked for all your deputies.

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