How do I unlock someone’s “after death” sections?

If you see “x items locked until after death” on top of someone’s Everplan, it means that the Everplanner has marked those items as only available to you after they pass away. Those items will remain locked until the person is reported as deceased and the unlocking process completes.

If you are a deputy responsible for reporting the Everplanner’s passing and starting the unlocking process, you’ll see a link to notify the person as deceased. You should also have received an email explaining the responsibility.

Click the Report as deceased link to initiate the process.

After the submission, you must wait while Everplans attempts to contact the person whose Everplan you are trying to unlock. Everplans will contact them via email with the opportunity to block the unlocking.

The period that elapses while Everplans attempts to contact the individual is called the wait time. The Everplanner sets the wait time for their security. The wait time can be between 3 hrs and 30 days.

Once the wait time expires, and if the Everplanner has not blocked the unlocking, the “after death” items are unlocked. Any deputies with “after death” permissions are notified via email, and they will be able to log in and view the recently opened items.

Note: If you don’t see the link to report the individual as deceased, someone else has the responsibility to inform their passing to Everplans. In this case, you’ll be notified via email when “after death” items become available.

Some of our users have been given access by a financial advisor to a jointly-managed Household Everplan which includes information on both spouses. Everplans’ policy is not to unlock any “after death” items until both household members are reported deceased.

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