How do I import my financial account information from my bank?

If you have an Everplans Premium subscription, using a secure service called Plaid, you can log into your financial institution’s website and retrieve basic account details.

You’ll be able to import the name of the institution, account name, type of account, and either the full or the last four digits of your account number. Your balances will not be imported.

Please note that not all financial institutions support importing data from Plaid, and not all accounts are available for import.

  1. Go to the Financial section of your Everplan.
  2. At the top of the page, click the link that says Import account details from your bank. Alternatively, anytime you add a new record under Accounts and Assets, Credit Cards, or Loans, you can choose to import from your bank.
  3. Click Continue when you see the screen explaining Everplans’ integration with Plaid.
  4. Use the search box to look up your financial institution, or click one of the logos that is shown below the search field.
  5. Select your institution.
  6. Enter the username and password for your online banking account.
  7. If necessary, enter two-factor security codes, or respond to security questions.
  8. Plaid will let you know when you are authenticated by your bank.
  9. Click Continue.
  10. You will be shown a list of accounts that are available for import.
  11. Select the accounts you would like to import and click Import Account Info.
  12. We’ll let you know that the accounts have imported successfully.
  13. Scroll down and review the information that was added to your Everplan.
  14. Click on an account name to add details and notes, make changes, or attach documents and statements.
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