What updates were made to the Everplans taxonomy in January 2021 and why?

Based on feedback, we've made a few additions and tweaks to some Everplans categories. All previous data you have entered is still here even if the sections they were stored under have been renamed. Here's a guide to those updates in your Everplan.

The following sections were added to the Digital category.

  • Money Management
  • Business & Networking

The following sections were renamed in the Digital category.

  • Payment / Money Management is now Payment
  • Software is now Software & App Licenses
  • Messaging/VoIP is now  Video Conferencing & Messaging
  • Web Hosting is now  Domains & Web Hosting
  • Travel is now  Travel & Transportation
  • Blogging is now Content Subscriptions

Type of device and Make and model of this device fields under Devices are now combined into a single field Name of device

The Master password field was added to Password Management. 

The following section was added to the Health category.

  • Fitness & Wellness

The following section was renamed in the Health category.

  • Illnesses → Medical Conditions

The following section was added to the Legal category.

  • Other Legal Documents

Cherished Family Memories in the After I’m Gone category is now separated into three individual sections: 

  • Genealogy & Family History 
  • Physical & Antique Photos 
  • Family Recipes

Favorite Charities and Charities and Donations sections in the After I'm Gone category are combined into a single section called Charities & Causes and moved to the Personal Info and IDs category. 

The following payment-related fields were added to Charities & Causes in Personal Info and IDs, all sections in Digital, Fitness & Wellness and Medications in Health, and Storage Facilities in Home and Property.

  • Payment Method
  • Amount 
  • Frequency
  • Auto-pay 

Notes & Instructions field was added to the Advisors and Agents section under Financial.

If you have additional suggestions for how Everplans can better organize your information we would love to hear from you.


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