Why am I asked about pronouns when I sign up and how do I update them?

Pronouns are sometimes used in communication in place of someone’s name.

At Everplans, we use a combination of the person’s name and their pronouns when we communicate about someone’s Everplan to their Deputies. 

We want to collect this information up front so that we can use the most respectful language in all forms of messaging. The options we currently provide are: She/Her, He/Him, and They/Them. We’re not able to accommodate other pronouns or a custom combination of pronouns at this time.

If you have signed up prior to June 2, 2021 when we asked for Gender instead of Pronouns, Male gender selection has been mapped to He/Him and Female gender selection has been mapped to She/Her

You can update your pronouns in the Profile section of Account Settings (Account Settings > Account Information > My Profile). Once saved, pronouns will be updated in all future communication.





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