What happens when I report someone as deceased?

For individuals:

  1. Everplans will stop future billing and auto-renewal for the deceased person’s membership.
  2. Everplans will prevent any additional modifications to the information in the deceased person’s Everplan.
  3. Everplans will ensure that all Deputies can access the deceased person’s Everplan for 12 months.
  4. In addition to the safeguarding measures listed above, if the person had locked parts of their Everplans until after they pass away, the unlocking process begins.

For households:

Some of our customers have been given access by their financial advisor to a jointly-managed “Household” Everplan which includes information on both spouses.

When you report an individual as deceased in a Household Everplan, we’ll disable the deceased person’s login. The remaining person will receive a notification.

The deceased person’s “After Death” sections will remain locked. We ask you, as a Deputy, to reach out to the remaining member of the Household if you need access to any of the deceased person’s information.

When you report the surviving member of a Household Everplan as deceased, depending on whether the Everplan has any “After Death” sections, we’ll take the same steps as we do for Individual Everplans (see above).

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