How do I manage who can unlock my “after death” sections?

Once you have chosen which parts of your Everplan you want to hide until your passing, you must give at least one of your deputies permission to unlock your Everplan when the time comes.

Manage unlock permission for an existing deputy:

  1. Go to the My Deputies page under Secure Sharing.
  2. Select Manage under Permissions for the deputy you want to add this permission.
  3. Select Unlock permission from the dropdown. A new window will open. 
  4. Select Allow to give permission.
  5. Select a Wait Time for the deputy. After reporting your death, the deputy must wait while Everplans attempts to contact you via email to see if you need to block the unlocking. You can choose a wait time between 3 hours and 30 days.
  6. Click Save. Everplans would notify the deputy if the unlock permission was newly added.

Add unlock permission when adding a new deputy:

Follow the instructions for adding a new deputy.

  1. When prompted to select permission to unlock, select Allow and choose a Wait Time for the deputy.
  2. On the My Deputies page, you’ll see the new deputy listed, along with a status of “Pending.”
  3. When your deputy accepts your invitation, we’ll change their status to “Active” and notify you via email. 

We recommend adding backup unlockers whenever possible.

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